Tours from the Airport

Using a tour company from the airport or your hotel around Amsterdam Schiphol Airport can be a good idea.

For the independent travellers out there, perhaps you want to travel on your own, but if you are time conscious and feel there is too much to organise to get around (trains, trams, finding locations in Amsterdam, knowing how far from one place to the next is, etc) then using an experienced tour company is your best bet.


Holland StopoversHolland Stopovers is a travel management & tour company around Schiphol airport.  They have friendly service and will pick you up at the airport and return you back to the airport.  Standard Tours are generally 4 hours or 8 hours.  Customized Tours are also possible.  If you are staying the night around the airport, they also can arrange tours from your hotel.  For more information, go to the Holland Stopovers website.



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