Tips & FAQs

Q. Is there Free wifi in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport?

A.  Yes, there is free WiFi access for one hour from anywhere in the airport terminal. That means free Internet access from Schiphol Plaza and all lounges, piers and gates. To use the free WiFi network service provided by KPN, proceed as follows:

After starting up your laptop or mobile device, select the available network labelled ‘KPN’

  • The login page will ask you to select from two options: to use WiFi free of charge for one hour, select ‘free, limited-time access’.
  • If you would like to use the WiFi network for more than an hour, you can select the option for ‘Premium Service’.

The Premium Service is a paid, secured business service offered by KPN, and includes free printing at any KPN Internet Center at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Prices Premium Service  15 minutes: 3 euro, 30 minutes: 6 euro, 90 minutes: 12 euro, Day: 16 euro

Q. How does tipping in Amsterdam or rest of Holland work?

A. If you are coming from the USA, then tipping is different here than there.  Here tipping is less common.  Most people will round up their bills to the nearest euro.  If you are having a meal and you have great service, then perhaps leave a few euros.  But’s it is not a custom here to leave a 10% of 15% of the bill as a tip.

Q. Can you post flight information on your site so I can view this on my phone while in Amsterdam?

A. Sure.   If you have a wifi access in Amsterdam in a cafe, etc. it doesn’t hurt to check to see if there are any flight delays.  or Download the Schiphol app to your phone:

Q. If I have a 1 or 2 hour layover, can I go into Amsterdam?

A.  This is not recommendable.  You will need about 1 hour travel time back (25min) & forth (25min) by train, plus train waiting time. Then you will need time to go through customs again on your return and security.   If you really want to see Amsterdam.  Then separate your connection times to give you more free time when you are making your flight bookings.

Q. Are there places to put my baggage in the airport if I want to travel outside the airport?

A.  Yes, there are lockers you can rent in the airport.  The best is to have your checked-in luggage with tags all the way to your final destination when you first check in at your origin so that you don’t have to worry about the bags in between connections.  The airlines will then hold on to your luggage for you and make the necessary changes. Then you only have to worry about your hand-luggage at connections.